Bluetooth has become nearly universal as a way to connect devices to each other without using a cable. There are now Bluetooth headsets for phones, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and a myriad of other devices. However, with these advancements in technology, one thing that has not kept up with the curve is our cars. The average American may drive a car for 10 years, possibly even 15. Technology can change a significant amount in 10 or 15 years. For example, in the year 2005, cell phones just made phone calls and cars had CD players installed standard. Right now, if you were still driving a car from 2005, your Smartphone would not be able to play music through the car stereo system with a CD player. So what do you do if you want to listen to your music in the car? The answer is Bluetooth for cars.

In this article, we’ll look at devices that are designed to make Bluetooth devices work with your car. There are several kinds that work in different ways. We’ll break them down so you can choose the type and that’s right for you. Since it’s not possible to go out and buy a new car because you can’t listen to your favorite song, tech gurus have engineered Bluetooth for cars. Let’s take a look.

The Best and Most Affordable Bluetooth for Cars

In order to decide which Bluetooth system is the best for your car, we need to look at what’s available. There are a lot of different Bluetooth devices that work in a couple different ways. You can connect a Bluetooth device to your car using the headphone jack, if you have one, or by radio frequency. Let’s look at the different devices accomodate Bluetooth for cars.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter uses your car’s cigarette lighter socket for power and connects to your car’s audio system via the radio. It has an updated power button to preserve your car’s battery life and broad capability across devices. It should work with iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Smartphones, and mp3 and mp4 players. It has a KM24 FM transmitter for crystal clear sound. The large display screen lets you know who’s calling or the name of the song playing. It has dual USB ports, one for charging your phone and one for reading USB files.

Belkin Caraudio Connect

The Belkin Caraudio Connect is another excellent device accomodates Bluetooth for cars. It connects via your car’s Aux port, which can be a negative because not all older cars have an Aux port. If you’ve got the right port, it’s a great little device. It operates with one-touch control, is Android and iPhone compatible, and lets you make hands-free calls. The setup is simple and you’ll be able to play your phone’s music right through your car’s speakers.

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

The Kinivo BTC450 allows you to answer and make calls through any Bluetooth smartphone. It’s compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more. There is a built-in microphone and excellent sound quality. The device connects through your car’s Aux port, so you’ll have to have this port for the device to work.

Besign BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit

The Besign BK01 runs the latest Bluetooth 4.1+EDR technology for lower power consumption and more capability. It allows you to listen to music or make hands-free phone calls. It powers on automatically and will auto sync with the last phone that was connected. It has a noise isolator to get rid of the annoying background “buzzing” that comes from using an Aux port. This device also has a dual car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter adapter as well as the ability to connect to 2 devices at the same time.

Roav Viva by Anker

The Roav Viva is another device for cars without an Aux port. This FM transmitter plays music using a Bluetooth connection with your phone. It connects to your car’s stereo system using the FM radio signal. You can also simultaneously charge two phones. Your hands-free calls will be crystal clear with this powerful little device.

SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit

The SoundBot SB360 features 4.0 wireless technology with backward compatibility and A2DP profile for Android, iPhone, and others. This device has echo and noise reduction, so you’ll enjoy clear phone calls and excellent music quality. It has a high-performance USB charger, a built-in mic, and an Aux cable. It also has a wearable clip mount so you can wear it or mount it in the car. Your car will need an Aux port for this device.

GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The GOgroove FlexSMART connects through your car’s FM radio frequencies. It has easy-access controls for volume, pairing, and call buttons. There’s a built-in microphone and enhanced voice detection. The USB charging point charges your phone while you listen to music. This product also has a 3-year warranty.

Is There a Need for Bluetooth for Cars?

Bluetooth for car adapters were created to bridge a gap in technology. In the future, the Bluetooth for car device may become obsolete, because more and more cars come with standard Bluetooth connectivity. For example, a modern sedan will usually have a couple of USB ports as well as the ability to pair several Bluetooth devices directly with the car’s entertainment system. This type of connectivity allows you to play music from your phone through the car, to make phone calls hands-free, and to run a GPS on your phone through the car’s speakers. Once the older model cars that don’t have this capability are no longer in use, these adapters will no longer be needed.

For this reason, it’s not a good idea to spend too much money on these devices. They’re basically a patch to cover a hole that opened as technology changed. Since cars without Bluetooth readiness are already becoming rare, these devices won’t be needed much longer.

How to Choose a Bluetooth for Your Car

Choosing the right Bluetooth device for your car can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot to choose from, and you want to make sure that it’s going to work with the make and model car you drive. It also needs to have the right connection. Let’s look at the features that matter when choosing a Bluetooth device.


Bluetooth for car devices connect using one of two methods. They either plug into the Aux, or “headphone” jack that is built into the car, or they connect using a frequency on your FM radio. Both of these connections are relatively easy to make, and some cars may give you a choice between them. If you have an Aux port, you can choose to use the port and buy a device that’s compatible with the Aux port, or you can use the FM radio connection. You will need a cigarette lighter socket for power for most of these devices either way. The FM connection devices only plug into the cigarette lighter socket.


Once you know what kind of connection you need, you want to consider the size of the device and where it sits in the car. Some of the FM radio devices stick out a bit from the cigarette lighter port, and you want to make sure your car has room to accommodate where it will have to sit. The Aux port devices are often smaller and can usually be clipped onto part of the car. Make sure that your car has an appropriate place to clip the device.


Bluetooth for car adapters range in price from $15 to almost $40. The price difference is due to the different features or accessories that they have. Some devices offer extra USB ports and digital displays. Decide for yourself how important these are to you, compared with how much you want to spend.


After reviewing the most popular Bluetooth for car adapters, we’ve picked our 2 favorites. Out of the FM radio-connected devices, we pick the Nulaxy transmitter as our favorite. This device has a clear digital display, a power switch and multiple USB ports. It offers a range of FM stations and clear sound. It also bends where it’s connected to the cigarette lighter port, so you can manipulate it to fit a variety of different cars.

Our favorite Aux port device is the Kinivo BTC450. This little device is highly rated and has great sound quality. It mounts easily into your car and is ready to go in seconds. It also has the benefit of a sleek design that looks like it was part of the car’s original design. This device will not disappoint.

Until such a time as all cars have built-in Bluetooth compatibility, we’re going to need to bridge the gap in technology in our cars. These helpful little Bluetooth for car devices have come in very handy by taking advantage of the Aux port and the FM radio. There are a lot of choices out there with it comes to these devices, and this article should help you find the right one for your car.

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