It has been every music lover’s dream since eons ago. Yes. I’m talking about portable music.

When the boombox was born, everyone thought the dream had become a reality. But then came the Walkman, then the Disc Man. Then the iPod revolutionized and disrupted the music industry. It seemed as if the world had reached music nirvana.

Enter Bluetooth technology.

With the ability to transmit music through the air, wireless earbuds have banished those notorious cables to oblivion. Bluetooth technology has made it possible for users to listen to music or take phone calls without having to have their smart device directly on hand.

Today, getting a pair of wireless earbuds is as easy as clicking right over to Amazon and taking your pick. Before you make your purchase, here are a few things to help you pick the perfect one.

3 Types of Wireless Earbuds on Amazon

Depending on what you want to use your Bluetooth headphones for, you have 3 options for your musical pleasure. Though many have tried to determine which type of wireless headphone is better than the other, I believe they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

1. In-Ear

Commonly called earbuds, these are pushed into the ear canal or sit just outside the canal. They have become popular because they block out outside noise exceptional well, giving you a great audio experience.

These are mainly suitable for active people as they are less bulky. They also provide the best noise isolation for those crowded or noisy places.

2. Over-Ear

These are the traditional headphones that cover the ear. Made from soft, cushy material they snugly cover the ear. Their biggest plus is the sound quality they produce. Unlike their in-ear counterparts, they provide more comfort and can be worn for longer periods of time.

If you are a gamer or using them in your house, over the ear headphones are the best.

3. On-Ear

More compact than the traditional over the ear headphones, on-ear headphones have smaller cups sit on the ear. These are more suitable for those who want a compromise between the earbud and over the ear headphones.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon

As you hunt for your next wireless earbuds on Amazon, there are a few factors you should consider before you take the dive. Not every wireless earbud or headphone on Amazon will be a perfect match for you. To help you decide, consider the following factors:

Fit and Comfort

Amazon has a plethora of Bluetooth headphones and earphones to choose from. Take your time to study the different designs. Some may prove to be poorly designed to the point of causing your ears some discomfort. Compare the materials used and the design of the tip.

Sound Quality

This is a no-brainer. No one wants sub-standard sound, especially when a favorite track is playing. Though wireless has its limitations when it comes to sound quality, many earbuds on Amazon provide decent to superb quality. Read the specifications to get an idea of what to expect. If they seem too technical, read the reviews.


Most Bluetooth headphones only work in close proximity to the source device, you can find great wireless devices that will allow you to move around your house with no compromise to the output. Keep in mind though that Bluetooth technology has a radius of approximately 10 meters.

Battery Life

As you go through the specifications of your next device, be sure to check how long the battery will last. If you are a heavy user, go for long battery life.


Though price is a major factor when purchasing anything, you need not worry that much when looking for earbuds on Amazon. No matter your budget, you can always find good quality wireless earbuds and headphones.

Wireless earbuds have become a craze and that for very good reasons. Besides their good looks wireless earbuds are:

  • Convenient. This by far is the main reason you should head over to Amazon and purchase a set of wireless earbuds. The absence of cables makes them so convenient you can practically do anything with them.
  • Easy to use. From playing music to changing the batteries, wireless headphones are so user friendly even a child can use them.
  • More functional. Most come with an inbuilt microphone making it easier to take calls while you are on the go.

Bottom Line

If there is one thing we all can’t avoid, it’s the future. And the future of music consumption lies in wireless headphones. If you are still tangled up with old fashioned cable headphones, do yourself a big favor and step into the future- go wireless. Amazon has an amazing selection of wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headphones for you to pick from.

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