Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal. When it comes to waterproof Bluetooth speaker, there are a lot of features to take into account besides how much moisture they can handle. Some speakers are IP67 rated, which means they can be fully submerged underwater, while others are merely water resistant. Some have 360 degree sound while others are directional. Some are stripped down to the basics while others have features like LED lights, voice assistants, and bass boosts. We’ll go into detail on every feature of each speaker to make sure you know exactly what your ideal waterproof speaker does and doesn’t have.

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[amazon link=”B07239JFZT” title=”MIFA F10 Portable Speaker” /]

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[amazon link=”B01MYLH86K” title=”Fugoo Go” /]

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[amazon link=”B074Q4S2NJ” title=”JBL Pulse 3” /]

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[amazon link=”B079VBS5HF” title=”Sony SRS-XB41 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker” /]

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[amazon link=”B07G4K8PH9″ title=”NYNE Boost Portable Bluetooth Speakers” /]

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How Much Do Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Cost?

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A diverse set of products has a diverse price range to match. At the lowest end, you can find waterproof Bluetooth speakers for around $. For the big spenders out there, the cost can go up to $$$. The cheapest speakers aren’t automatically worse than the most expensive—it all depends on which features are most important to you. We’ll be providing a selection from across the cost spectrum from cheapest to most expensive, so you can easily find the speaker that fits your budget. We’ve also included links to buy each and every one of the speakers on Amazon.

How We Reviewed

We compiled this list based on the following parameters: features, pros & cons, and price. There are a lot of waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market, so it was difficult to choose just five, but we believe we’ve come up with a list that will have something to offer everyone.

What We Reviewed

  • MIFA F10 Portable Speaker
  • Fugoo Go
  • JBL Pulse 3
  • Sony SRS-XB41
  • NYNYE Portable Bluetooth Speaker


MIFA F10 Portable Speaker

[amazon box=”B07239JFZT”]


Don’t let its small size and low price fool you—this Bluetooth speaker packs a powerful punch. With good audio quality, a shock-resistant rubberized exterior, and a built-in carabiner, the MIFA F10 Portable Speaker is built tough and is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. On top of all that, its battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge—not bad for less than $, eh?


  • Durable, shock-resistant exterior
  • Long battery life
  • Inexpensive


  • Light on features
  • Doesn’t go very loud


Fugoo Go

[amazon box=”B01MYLH86K”]


Fugoo is quickly becoming one of the big names in waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The Fugoo Go is one of their less expensive offerings, but it’s still a versatile and feature-packed choice. The speaker comes with a built-in bungee cord, making it easy to mount it flexibly anywhere you can think of. It’s also capable of pairing with a second Go speaker to give you full stereo sound—and is one of the few speakers on the market that can do so. There are a couple drawbacks worth noting that might turn some off of the Fugoo Go. First, there’s no 3.5mm aux jack. Ever since Apple took the jack off their iPhones, these 3.5mm ports are becoming less and less common, but it’s still a desirable feature for many. If aux playback is important to you, you might want to look elsewhere on this list. The second drawback is battery life. Although the Fugoo Go’s battery life of up to 10 hours is still respectable, it’s one of the lower durations on this list. Despite these drawbacks, the Fugoo Go still impresses with its sound quality, versatility, and stereo-capable sound.


  • Capable of full stereo sound
  • Bungee cord makes mounting easy
  • Good sound quality


  • No 3.5mm jack
  • Less than stellar battery life


JBL Pulse 3

[amazon box=”B074Q4S2NJ”]


JBL Pulse 3 has a fun, vibrant look, and the sound quality to back it up. With a psychedelic design somewhere between a bullet and a neon-colored lava lamp, the JBL Pulse 3 immediately catches your eye. Luckily, its well-balanced sounds also catch your ears with a loud maximum volume, strong bass, and crisp highs. The sound is also 360 degrees, so with the light show on and the music blasting, it makes an excellent centerpiece to a nighttime hot tub or dance party. It also has a built-in microphone, 12-hour battery life (or longer if you disable the light show), and is waterproof up to 1 meter in depth. You can also connect it to other new JBL Connect speakers with Connect+ for an even fuller, louder sound.


  • Eye-catching light show
  • Loud, balanced audio


  • Connect+ doesn’t work with older JBL speakers
  • No smartphone charging


Sony SRS-XB41 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B079VBS5HF”]


Another eye-catching design, the Sony SRS-XB41 is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker built with entertainment in mind. The single-directional speaker comes with built-in multicolored line lights, speaker lights, and a flashing strobe. Via an app, the lights are fully customizable and controllable, letting you design a light show for your next dance party. Powered by two 58mm audio drivers, the SRS-XB41 also sounds great and can be paired with other speakers for big sounds. There are additional modes like Extra Bass or Live Sound for those times when you need to take things to the next level. It can also transform into a customizable percussion instrument that you control. Other features include fully submergible waterproofing, a whopping 24 hours of battery life, and the ability to serve as a charging hub for phones and other USB devices. It may very well be one of the most fun, feature-packed, waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market.


  • Customizable light shows
  • Super long battery life keeps the party going
  • Feature-rich


  • One-directional sound


NYNE Boost Portable Bluetooth Speakers

[amazon box=”B07G4K8PH9″]


The NYNE Boost Portable Bluetooth Speaker has the looks of a premium speaker, equally at home in a study or at a poolside bar. It’s a different look than the brightly colored LEDs of the other speakers, with a mature sound to match. It has the best sound quality of any speaker on this list hands down, with rich, full bass and well-balanced audio fitting for its premium price point. It also gets loud. Like, really loud. For audiophiles and party animals alike, this Denon speaker gives you the most and best sound you can find in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s got full IP67 water resistance, meaning you won’t have to worry about it taking an accidental dip in the pool. It’s not a smart speaker, so it won’t connect directly to Google Assistant or Alexa, which, depending on your preferences, could either be a plus or a minus. It does have access to Google and Siri with the Bluetooth button on the side, and a microphone to talk to them. The only minor downside to the speaker is that the rubber panel buttons can be a little finicky. The battery lasts around 13 hours, a respectable range, but nothing to write home about. Overall, the NYNE Boost Portable Bluetooth Speaker  tremendous sound quality and elegant design push it ahead of the pack.


  • Pristine sound quality
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Decent battery life


  • Buttons are a little stiff
  • Expensive


Blue waterproof bluetooth speaker

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So, there you have it. From the small, inexpensive AmazonBasics to the Denon’s premium powerhouse, these five waterproof Bluetooth speakers are a cross-section of the variety and quality on the market. Whether you’re looking for a cheap speaker for your shower or a light show/speaker combo for your next rave, there’s something for everyone on this list. We hope this guide has helped lead you towards the waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s right for you.

Featured Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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