Control multiple Bluetooth devices on one computer with the help of unifying software.

If you work in an office setting, then you’ve come to rely on multiple wireless devices. With traditional connections, each device will come with its own USB connector. What happens however when you run out of USB ports? That’s where a unifying receiver can help you make the most of your wireless devices. Read more to find out how a Logitech unifying receiver software can help automate your wireless needs.

What is Logitech Unifying Software?

As mentioned before, wireless devices all come with their own USB receivers, but you’re limited by the number of ports your computer has. By using a Logitech unifying USB receiver, you can connect multiple wireless devices, and manage them all from one USB connection. That means a wireless mouse, keyboard, headphone, and printer can all operate on one computer, with one receiver.

The best part about these receivers is that they are relatively cheap to purchase, and using the Logitech connection utility, you can easily download the required software to set up your entire system.

5 Benefits of Using a Unifying Receiver

If you’re considering buying a unifying receiver, then it’s probably because you’re currently struggling with your wireless devices. If you’re still on the fence, however, here are five great perks of using them.

1. Multiple Devices on One Computer

The most obvious benefit of using a unifying receiver is the fact that you can control multiple devices with one source, without taking up all your USB ports. This is particularly convenient for offices.

2. Cost Effective Solutions

Using a unifying receiver is a cost-effective alternative to buying extra USB adapters for your computer. Additionally, some receivers have a larger capacity, which allows you to add more wireless devices without having to buy a second receiver.

3. Regular Software Updates

When you purchase a unifying receiver, you’ll need to have a Logitech unifying software downloaded on your computer. The good thing about Logitech is that they offer regular updates and patches to make sure your software is up to par with your devices. For example, when a glitch allowed wireless signals to be interrupted by outside sources, Logitech quickly designed a patch and had unifying devices back up and running in no time.

4. Secure Connection

Using a unifier can open your computer to security risks associated with the software and wireless signal. When you use a Logitech unifying receiver, you can rest easy knowing that the software and connectivity are the best around, protecting your files and your computer.

5. Space Saving Design

A Logitech unifying USB receiver is small and only takes one USB port to operate. This sleek design means more space for other device connections and the complete elimination of wires on your desk, making the Logitech unifying USB receiver great tool to help declutter your workspace.

To enjoy all these benefits, and to make your life easier, consider upgrading your wireless devices to a unifying device. It makes managing your devices simple and convenient.

Connecting Your Logitech Unifying USB Receiver

Once you’ve purchased a unifying receiver, it’s time for the setup. First, you will need a Logitech unifying receiver software. In most instances, your device will come with a disk to download, but if not, you can download any drivers or updates through the Logitech connection utility. This is basically an online support page with all the latest software updates and downloads for operating systems including PC and Mac.

After you choose your platform, it will automatically begin downloading the resources you need to run your receiver. Upon completion, the application will immediately open a window to help you set up and manage your new unifying receiver. It’s important to remember that with a unifying receiver, you are still limited to six devices, so if you want to install something else for your home or office computer, you will need to remove a device.

Why Update Your Logitech Unifying Receiver Software?

Logitech offers continuous support and software updates for all their unifying receivers. This means that when an update is available, it’s important to get it to enjoy tons of benefits including:

  • Improved device management
  • Increased data security
  • Better speeds and sensitivity
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Boost in signal and connectivity

A common bug that you may come across with when using your unifying receiver is that your mouse or keyboard could wake your computer from sleep even when it’s not set to do so. This is why efficient device management is so important. And when it comes to streamlining your device usage across various computers without spending too much on software and hardware, in a Logitech unifying USB receiver is your best bet.

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