Nobody in the portable Bluetooth speaker business does it quite like audio giant JBL, and recent innovations have added to the company's trusted status among digital audio aficionados and everyday consumers alike. JBL offers an incredible assortment of products, but perhaps none are more popular and powerful than the JBL Boombox. The JBL Boombox is a near-perfect machine for enjoying quality sound, and it is portable and durable. JBL has the expertise to deliver a full audio experience, and its engineers hold nothing back when it comes to bringing good sound to you. We will share our research and share some points to show you why this unit is a purchase you should consider making if you love great-sounding, portable music.

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JBL has been around since the mid-twentieth century, and the company has been perfecting its sound products ever since. When Bluetooth technology first appeared in the late '90s, companies like JBL recognized what the future had in store. When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, few other players can say they have the pedigree of JBL and even fewer can say they are as innovative. The JBL Boombox combines the best aspects of this time-tested brand's audio technology principles and delivers them in spades for your listening satisfaction.

What Is the JBL Boombox?

The JBL Boombox is a portable Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch by delivering true high-definition sound to you. JBL proudly stands behind their Boombox model, which has become a staple of the brand and is widely used around the globe. The JBL Boombox has multiple features that help it stand out in a crowded market, many of which were pioneered by JBL. It should shock no one that this powerful audio box does exactly what the company claims: It delivers an "epic sound" that you won't soon forget.

A Trusted Company

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JBL has been selling speakers for the last 60+ years, and it is a brand that covers the spectrum of great audio products. JBL speaker systems are used in professional music venues and small bars alike. Few brands specializing in sound equipment could say their innovations were incorporated into the amplifiers of Leo Fender, but that's a legitimate claim here. JBL has been a part of such major events as Woodstock 1999, the 2002 FIFA World Cup and many more. There are many reasons this brand continues to thrive.

Innovation and Durability

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In the early days of wireless technology, JBL stood out quickly with its design approach to portable speakers. The JBL Boombox has a flawless, throwback design that could not be easier to handle. It enacts an ode to the old boomboxes of the '80s, and at 10 x 19.5 x 7.7 inches, the outer body is rugged and substantial. Yet, the cylinder shape with the rubberized handle on the top makes this unit easy to carry around, and it weighs only twelve pounds. This well-known JBL cylinder body shape also allows the speakers to sound great throughout an entire room.

Product Specifications & More

The shape and the sturdiness of the JBL Boombox are only two essential aspects that make this product so great in our view. JBL leaves nothing to chance, and it really shows in the design of this machine. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can handle many situations, our reviewers believe you will find yourself a real winner here. This outstanding device packs in all the features you would expect from a high-end Bluetooth speaker... and then it adds its own flavor and feel to them.

Main Specs

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The guts and mechanical aspects of the JBL Boombox are impressive. Two four-inch woofers on opposite ends of the cylinder shape help deliver thumping bass if you want it. The main speaker grille body houses dual, forward-firing 20mm tweeters to bring you the highs. The controls are simple: Volume Up, Volume Down and Play/Pause can be easily connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth and controlled remotely that way.

The JBL Boombox can take phone calls via its speaker mode option and connect to voice assistants such as Siri. The built-in microphone on this box is not its best feature, but we concluded that it gets the job done well enough for successful calls.

Sound Quality and Atmosphere

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Besides the brilliant highs and mids that the JBL Boombox provides, perhaps there is nothing more widely praised about it than the bass, which manages to boom regardless of the listening space. The hard-hitting bass is powerful enough as it is, but because the Boombox is to be used both inside and outside, it is equipped with an "Outside" boost button that really takes it up to another level.

This machine sounds like it has a built-in subwoofer, and will rattle any surface it is placed on when playing tracks meant to rumble at that level. The JBL Boombox is also water-resistant, and its IPX7 rating makes it great for pool parties.

Balance & Long-Lasting Play

Even at high volumes, a JBL Boombox manages not to sacrifice much of anything in terms of sound fidelity. It keeps instruments, levels, and all sounds fairly balanced. The bass is the feature attraction, but the treble is also exceptionally clear. The Boombox highlights all different genres of music from hip-hop to gospel and rock without a problem.

JBL also understands that music lovers want lengthy play times between charges, and that is why it packs the Boombox with a massive 20,000 mAh battery and dual charge-out that can offer up to 24 hours of continuous play. Few other Bluetooth speakers on the market today can claim they play as long without a lengthy charge-up at some point. This device seamlessly connects to other JBL speakers via its "Connect +" button.

Additional Features


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The JBL Boombox has an Aux-in connection feature that allows you to plug the speaker right into your television set and enjoy its rich sounds while you watch movies and television shows or play video games. If the Boombox is paired with other JBL speakers, you can switch between Party to Stereo mode to achieve the best overall balance in any environment. These additional features give buyers of this JBL box great bang for their bucks by adding to its versatility and range.


The JBL Boombox can be purchased for roughly $$, which is admittedly pricey for the Bluetooth speaker category. However, we believe the price to be justified by all the features and rich sound capabilities that come packed into this unit. Although many competitors price their Bluetooth speakers lower, few speakers can match the power of the JBL Boombox. It is an investment, and if you love great sound on the go, it's a good one.

JBL Boombox Impressions


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With all the features mentioned above, it is easy to see why the JBL Boombox has become so respected in the audio world and why it continues to make waves. Aside from all those nice features, it is the pure sound of the Boombox that impressed us the most. Each track is clear and defined, regardless of genre or volume, and the bass is absolutely riveting. This Bluetooth boombox is the full package.


If you remember the cassette boomboxes that became so popular in the 1980s, you may feel heavy nostalgia when you first look at the JBL Boombox. The throwback look is a neat touch by JBL and yet the machine functions and feels like the sophisticated device it is, too. USB ports and solid Bluetooth connectivity keep it locked onto whatever devices you want to connect it to.

All in the Family

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JBL knows what has worked in the past and continues to use those audio production principles. The body of the JBL Boombox is like the established JBL Charge 3, except that it has a handle and is much larger. The reason that JBL continues to use this cylinder body is that it allows for the speaker to remain durable while delivering maximum sound volume and quality, including great bass response. The cylinder body of JBL has become iconic, and it is a style the company is unlikely to move away from soon, given how well it works on this current-technology device.

Equalization Capabilities (EQ)

One drawback we found in this boombox is that it lacks the ability to adjust EQ levels. Offering the use of an app for this purpose could have helped here, but JBL has not made one available. Given this product's high price tag, this feature is something that could have really perfected this portable Bluetooth speaker and would have allowed for more personalization of sound. It is possible that later renditions of this portable speaker will come equipped with such a feature, but at the moment, it seems that an EQ modifier is a no-go.


JBL Boombox - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Green
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 24 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof

We evaluated the JBL Boombox from several angles in a way that we hope helps you make an informed decision about buying this device or another high-end portable speaker. There is no doubt that JBL thought this product design through from its aesthetics to the performance, durability, and many features that really hit the right notes. While it is not perfect, this product shows what JBL can do. If you are looking to purchase a Bluetooth portable speaker that gets the job done and is made by a trusted audio company, the JBL Boombox is a solid choice.

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