Learn how to operate the Bluetooth features on your computer. 

Bluetooth is a great feature that allows you to connect devices wirelessly to your computer. You may be asking yourself, does my computer have Bluetooth? How to tell if my computer has Bluetooth? Chances are, your computer does have this feature, and the chances are more likely if you recently purchased a new computer. Figuring out how to configure your Bluetooth can be a challenge, however, and we’re here to help. From determining whether or not your laptop has Bluetooth, to connecting a device, here is the perfect guide for beginners.

Does my Laptop have Bluetooth?

Depending on the type of laptop you have, there are different ways to know whether or not your laptop is Bluetooth-enabled.

Laptop Bluetooth Setup

If you have a laptop, the easiest way to figure out if you have Bluetooth or not is to do a search from the start menu. If nothing comes up, you may need to dig a little deeper. The first thing you’ll need to do is open the control panel as this is where all your system settings will be. Once there, choose the sound or devices manager. Any Bluetooth gadgets will be here.

When working on Bluetooth connections for your laptop, your new gadget may come with an installation disc. This disc will come with the hardware needed to connect your new device. Once that hardware is connected, you should be able to manage your new Bluetooth device from this control panel area.

If you’re still asking yourself does my PC have Bluetooth? Then you may need to download software to your computer.  Newer computers come with this software standard, but older PCs and laptops may need it. If you still cannot find a solution, your best bet may be to use a Bluetooth dongle, which will support the connection on your computer.

Mac Bluetooth Setup

While figuring out whether or not your PC has Bluetooth can be a challenge, things are a bit simpler on Apple products. First, click the systems preference widget on your menu bar. Once chosen, just look for the Bluetooth option in the menu, and from here you’ll be able to toggle Bluetooth on and off, as well as connect and discover new devices like speakers and keyboards.

Does my PC have Bluetooth?

Today, a vast majority of computer users have either a tablet or laptop that comes with Bluetooth integration. If, however, you have an older PC in your home, you can still enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth without spending a ton of money. The easiest way to enable Bluetooth capabilities on your old PC is by investing in a USB Bluetooth adapter. These work simply by plugging them into your USB port. Once connected, the appropriate drivers will automatically be connected, and you can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity in no time.

How to Use Bluetooth on Windows 10

If you have a Windows 10 device, using Bluetooth is a lot easier because you know your device already has the necessary software. Here’s an easy Bluetooth windows 10 setup.

  • Open the settings menu
  • Look for the menu labeled devices. This is where you will manage any Bluetooth devices you connect in the future.
  • In the devices menu, look for the Bluetooth & other devices option.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth option to the on position.
  • Select the add Bluetooth device button.

Once you toggle the Bluetooth setting to the “On” position, you should be able to discover any devices and connect them to your computer. The discovery step is where you turn on the Bluetooth on your device and your laptop. Once the two begin to communicate, you should be able to connect them.

Top Must-have Bluetooth Gadgets 

Once you figure out how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 devices, you can have all the fun that comes with adding new gadgets. Some of the top must-have Bluetooth devices include:

  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse: Laptop trackpads can be annoying, and sometimes a keyboard can be too small or uncomfortable. Once you have Bluetooth set up on your computer, you can easily connect a new keyboard and mouse that are perfect for your desk. Having the capability to connect a new keyboard is also a great way to accommodate special devices like ergonomic or gaming keyboards.
  • Additional Speakers: Perfect for people that like to listen to music or watch movies, connecting aftermarket speakers and subwoofers is a great way to get a home theater feel, without breaking the bank.
  • Hands-Free Headset: If you work from home, or often take calls from your desk, having a hands-free Bluetooth headset is a great way to add comfort without the mess of cables.

Now that you have all the information you need to turn on and connect Bluetooth devices to your laptop or PC, you can shop for the gadgets that work for you!

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