A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is the upgrade that all Bluetooth users have been searching for. It will help to eliminate the disadvantages of using wireless connection technology and make it so that it is much easier for everyone to use. But how will A2DP Bluetooth technology help your products deliver high quality sound and performance?

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is designed to help Bluetooth enhance its stereo audio signals so that you get crystal-clear clarity whenever you use your devices to listen to music. In the first version of Bluetooth, we only had access to low-quality audio. Yet at that time, the audio was used for accepting and making phone calls, not listening to your favorite tunes. It provided the user with a reliable transmission, but that was about all it would do.

Today, with a multitude of Bluetooth products on the market, there is a greater need for better audio quality for all Bluetooth enabled devices. With this new upgrade, the A2DP profile has made listening to music using Bluetooth headphones more enjoyable with a better overall bandwidth for transmitting high quality audio.

What is A2DP?

A2DP is known as the Bluetooth Stereo Profile and it can help to define how high-quality stereo sound is streamed from one device to another using a Bluetooth connection, such as music streamed from a phone to a headset.

For this technology to work with music, both devices will need to have this A2DP profile update. If only one device contains this profile, you may still be able to connect the two, however the profile will not provide you with the highest quality audio.

A2DP can also support popular methods of compressing audio, such as MP3s. If the audio is already a compressed source like a AAC, MP3, or a ATRAC, it will not have to be re-encoded to broadcast from the source device. A2DP has a maximum audio bandwidth of 728kbit per second.

Why a A2DP Bluetooth Headset Will be The Best on the Market 

It is predicted that the next Bluetooth headphones to be released will be A2DP Bluetooth Headset and headphones. The first headset to hit the market will be the Stereo Bluetooth by Motorola. The new technology will allow Bluetooth’s bandwidth to be split into two layers, one for data, and one for voice. Mobile phone headsets will use the voice layer, while all other Bluetooth A2DP audio devices will use the much larger data layer. The A2DP technology allows there to be a section of data layer set aside, and all high-quality audio will run through it.

The advancements in Bluetooth technology will cause consumers to want to pay out extra for the latest Bluetooth wireless headphones. That is good news for those who would like to purchase a standard pair of Bluetooth headphones since the price will obviously drop on the older, outdated models.

What Devices Work with Bluetooth A2DP?

Most newer devices are set up to work with the A2DP profile. However, there are some brands and products that may not be compatible with the update just yet. Using it to connect to a PC without an adapter may not provide you with the best results. And even if you can achieve a good connection, you may still not receive the full, intended results.

You may already know that older PC programs such as Windows XP don’t support Bluetooth at all. Therefore, they will not support A2DP headsets either. You may be able to set up a Bluetooth adapter for your PC running XP, but it may not be compatible with every device you try to use. At this time, companies such as Motorola and Blue Ant have started producing adapters that can help solve this problem. And dongles from more popular brands are expected to be released very soon.

Why You Should Consider a Bluetooth A2DP Audio Device 

All Bluetooth A2DP audio devices will contain this new technology along with the same benefits that you are used to receiving from Bluetooth products. The modular nature of Bluetooth means that the control profile, the way that you accept your phone calls, and the other basic settings of the technology will still function as normal. You will still be able to listen to music the same as before, you can play, shuffle, skip or go back throughout your music library. The primary change with the addition of A2DP is that the audio you receive through your headset, headphones or speakers will be much clearer and higher-quality.

Bluetooth has already made a big difference in the way that we share data and information every day. And it has some high demands to meet with each new version that is released. Thanks to all the accessories that can now be used with Bluetooth, more consumers than ever before are interested in the technology. It can sometimes be a problem when you are listening to music on your phone and must take a call. With A2DP technology from Bluetooth, the transmission from one form of audio and data to another goes very smoothly.

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