Any true music aficionado will tell you that there is no such thing as “too loud.” Often, there is a correlation between high volume and clarity. When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you want crystal clear sound, so what better way to get it than by purchasing the loudest Bluetooth speaker you can find, right? Well, it is not so simple. You want to find a device that has power but also handles itself well at high volumes. In this article, we will show you ten different speakers that make themselves heard and deliver crisp sound that does not distort.

Bluetooth technology continues to improve in the same way that overall electronics do. Today, Bluetooth speakers are sophisticated machines that receive signals and provide a clean and engaging sound that is worth marveling at. Highs, mids, and bass can all be picked up by most models but even the loudest Bluetooth speaker can lack clarity, so keep that in mind. Finding the right balance of power and delivery is key and you should be on the lookout for that.

Comparison Table

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Why Should You Buy a Loud Bluetooth Speaker?

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Purchasing a loud Bluetooth speaker makes sense if you want to not only hear every note of what you are listening to but also want to fill a space with sound. Musicians and sound technicians have an absolute need for clarity and Bluetooth speaker companies understand this. There are many things that are put into consideration today when creating a Bluetooth speaker such as space, clarity, distortion levels, psychoacoustics and more.


The loudest Bluetooth speaker will directly target your psychoacoustics. Psychoacoustics is how your brain perceives and interacts with sound. Each sound we recognize stimulates us in a specific way and it has even been shown that we search for these sounds in the music we listen to – which is often the reason we turn the volume up. Bluetooth speakers that take this into consideration are better equipped to deliver the clear highs and mids we can recognize and appreciate. Your experience with any Bluetooth speaker should be a rich one and there is no better way to get that than by investing in powerful sound.

Benefits of a Loud Bluetooth Speaker

Purchasing a loud Bluetooth speaker has a ton of benefits that can make your music-listening experience an unforgettable one. Depending on where you plan to place the speaker in your home or where you plan to take it, you will want it to deliver the same rich sound. Having a loud Bluetooth speaker will provide you with more control over the sound output as you can always dial down while better listening for spikes and distortion.

Fill the Room

More sound means a better party right? While a loudspeaker won’t magically make you a great host, it can help fill your room with quality sound that entertains your guests. The more people in a room, the more sound is absorbed, and the more a loud Bluetooth speaker can come in handy. Many designs in today’s market are well suited to fit in any room of your home and take situations like the one mentioned into consideration.

10 Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Brands

Here are ten of the loudest Bluetooth speaker brands we could find. These brands are established names in the industry and know a thing or two about sound. Remember that we not only looked at their powerful sound but how they handle themselves at high volumes. We are looking mostly at sound here but we do not dismiss the durability of the brand’s products and how they stack up against competitors on the market.



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Cambridge is a great place to start because it is a hybrid brand that is not exclusive to Bluetooth connectivity. Cambridge boasts excellent quality and makes a good case for the loudest Bluetooth speaker brand on the market today. The Cambridge Air 200 packs 200 watts of power into a portable machine, this is the same power used in some PA systems. Cambridge’s Balance Mode Radiator speaker technology moves both vertically and horizontally to create an even tone that is far-reaching. The Air 200 is an unbelievable choice for loud and clear sound but it comes with a hefty price tag of around $$.



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Braven has long been known as a brand that creates powerful outdoor speakers. Braven knows how sound travels in the open air, and their designs are prepared to meet the challenges. The Braven XXL features four HD drivers and one subwoofer that packs a lot of sound. The Braven XXL is a full 18 pounds and sturdy. This design handles loud volumes well as it does not distort or lose clarity in the open air. The Braven XXL comes equipped with a shoulder strap and retails for $$.



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JBL does not stay out of the debate for the loudest Bluetooth speaker. JBL is a trusted sound company that has proven time and time again to be an innovator in sound devices. The JBL Boombox is their entry into the debate and it makes a point. The bass on the JBL Boombox is incredible, and it is hard to find another speaker of that size that can deliver that type of low end. The highs, treble, and mids of the JBL Boombox are crisp both indoors and outdoors. JBL is known for quality and durability both with a sturdy body that is water-resistant and easy to pack up and take with you. For $$ this is an investment.



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G-Project is serious about their sound and it shows in models like the G-Boom which has an amazing blend of highs and mids that project throughout the room. The G-Boom can be used outdoors without compromising sound and the whole thing is well built with a housing protecting rubber base and a sturdy handle for easy carrying. The G-Boom is loud and handles almost perfectly at high volumes with only minor distortion. For being in the $ range this is a steal for sure.



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Marshall has a legendary audio history and a unique sound that rocks. The Marshall Woburn is a great portable speaker that replicates the classic Marshall sound via Bluetooth. We would not say the Marshall is the loudest Bluetooth speaker out there but it may be the clearest as it provides great mid-range and handles the bass properly. If you are looking for a crisp sound that has a signature to it you need not look any further than Marshall. The price of a Woburn is around $$.



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Bose sound cannot be denied and has become synonymous with innovation. The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus is the perfect example of innovation and powerful sound. With 360-degree speakers, this powerful machine can really blast your entire room with quality sound. The SoundLink Revolve Plus is portable, water-resistant, and even connects to audio assistants such as Siri. Bose takes into consideration how our headspace resonates sound and handles highs and mids. The SoundLink Revolve Plus can also be used outdoors which ups its value. For $$ this is a catch.



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The Devialet Phantom makes a strong claim for the loudest Bluetooth speaker on the market. The Devialet Phantom is futuristic in appearance and also provides a powerful sound that handles volume with ease, producing beaming highs and a rumbling bass. The Phantom is 1,200 watts of pure power which is an unreal number for a portable device and we are hard-pressed to think of any other like it. The omnidirectional sound of the Phantom is revolutionary and will have you feeling surrounded by a whole range of deep and high tones. This wattage and technology is not cheap at $$$, so get your pennies ready.



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The Anker Soundcore is a great example of a Bluetooth speaker that packs a lot of sound and doesn’t break the bank. The dual high-performance drivers handle loud volumes clearly and allow you to fill the entire room with sound. The Anker is very portable and has a strong Li-ion battery that can go for 24 hours, which is amazing. The Anker Soundcore can be yours for as little as $.



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UE knows what they are doing when it comes to sound and their MEGABOOM is a testament to that. The punchy bass is outstanding in this device which does not at all distort at high volumes. The UE MEGABOOM can easily make an entire room pop with sound. This speaker is well-made, water-resistant, and easy to carry. You can even get the UE app that allows you to adjust the settings for this fantastic machine. The MEGABOOM retails for $$.



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Sharkk keeps it straightforward with its Sharkk Beast Bluetooth speaker which pumps out heavy sound at 45 watts and with a thumping bass you won’t forget. The Maxxbass Technology on the Sharkk Beast is exclusively designed to deliver all the low ends that a small machine like this can at any volume without losing quality. This beautiful speaker retails for $$ and will look and sound great anywhere you put it.


Those are only some of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market but they all make a strong case for the very loudest. The choice belongs to you as you will find each one of these models fits a particular mold beyond the sound. Pick the one that speaks to you and enjoy the rich sound that it can deliver today.

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